The current financial crisis is causing stress on marriages and other romantic relationships. Learn how to keep your relationship alive and thriving through financial hardship with these easy tips!

1. Know how much money your family has coming in and going out; sit down together as a couple to plan your budget and work together to operate with in it. Plan for a disaster together.

2. Learn conflict management strategies to deal with disagreements that may arise regarding finances. Techniques such as a “softened” or calm start up to a conversation, taking responsibility for your own feelings and actions while resisting blaming, taking time outs if things become too heated, and apologizing when appropriate are all helpful.

3. Take time everyday to spend time talking to each other-discuss concerns, worries, and feelings with your partner and resolve issues as they happen, so that resentments don’t build up.

4. Continue to invest in your relationship by doing positive, enjoyable activities together-if extravagant outings are out of the question due to finances, try a candle lit dinner at home.

5. If you continue to try on your own but feel like it isn’t working, seek out professional couples counseling. It could be what saves your relationship.

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