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If you are a fresh graduate, or if you are actively looking for a job, you might want to consider the following top ten jobs from Phil-job.net. If you are not the picky type, then it might not have to matter if these jobs are not in sync with your undergraduate degree.

1. Technical Support Staff. This job falls under the Business Process Outsourcing Industry. These jobs may be in the form of call center agents or email support employees.

If you want to join this industry, you better have knowledge on various technology applications such as the Internet, DSL, telephone operations, and other technological stuff.

2. Call Center Agents. Although I have a thing against call center agents carelessly brandishing their half-baked American accents in the MRT and other public places, call centers are still looking for more people to hire! This is perhaps the largest industry in the Philippines nowadays. It is keeping the economy afloat! If you need a job urgently and you want to earn a lot, go polish your English skills and your accent, write your resume and apply at Call centers.

3. Customer Service Assistants. I don’t exactly know what customer service assistants do. Do they give water to customer service agents in call centers? Do they help customers with what they want to do? Or are they the offline equivalent of call center agents. If you don’t know about this, too, then you better Google it.

4. Information Technology Specialists. Although we fall behind India in terms of IT proficiency and the number of IT practitioners that we produce, a lot of IT specialists are sought after by companies in the Philippines.

5. Production and factory workers. Next to the services sector (business process outsourcing, call centers, etc.), manufacturing is also a big employer of Filipino workers. For people who want to work in factories, then you better ask around and apply to these companies.

6. Salesladies. With a number of malls going up nowadays, salesladies are in demand. Salesladies are in demand not only in our country but also abroad. At least, Filipinos who want to go abroad have more choices now.

7. Sales Clerks. Perhaps sales clerks are the male equivalent of salesladies. I really don’t know the difference. But if you’re into sales and you can sell stuff, you might want to consider this.

8. Construction Laborers abroad. There seems to be a shortage of carpenters and builders abroad. That’s why they need Filipinos there.

9. Receptionists. Buildings, offices, and other companies are in need of front desk associates and receptionists. So if you have the looks, the personality, and the patience in dealing with customers, this might be the job for you.

10. Accounts executives and food attendants. There’s lots of money in sales. If you have the guts and the contacts, too, being an account executive might be great for you. Likewise, the food business is always in demand. Food attendants are also in demand

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  1. cyzer says:

    my goodness!

    daw gina endorse nyo pa ang mga pinoy nga mag leborer ah,tani wala nyo na gn upod ang laborer ky ako nakita ko kng anu ang pag maltrato sa mga pinoy nga laborer diri sa saudi.
    kung lantawun gid gani ang sitwasyun indi dapat kita nga mga pinoy mag baton sang amo lng sina nga klase sng job offer sa iban nga bansa ky mas kilala nga magaling ang pinoy sa bisan ano nga klase sng trabaho kag madiskarte.

    kag na prove ko gid na ya ky bisan ang mga manager diri sa companya nga gina ubrahan ko in airline comp.,wala cla nabal an sa trabaho pero manager ky man naka base sa country nila.
    pero sa mga pinoy manubo ang sweldo damu trabaho.

  2. cyzer says:

    one thing pa!

    abi pataasan nyo man ang sweldo jan sa pinas ilabi na jan sa iloilo para indi naman kami mag plano nga mag abroad pa.

    hambal tanan nga source of nature ara sa aton nga a abi amu na haw pigado pa sa ilaga ang kalabanan, ultimo tubig dapat pa nga awayan kag baklun sng mahal samtang diri sa saudi disyerto pero damu tubig kag libre pa.

    its so very big diff. my goodness!

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