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Men and women have very different desires and needs, be it sexual or emotional. Women in particular have a lot of needs that are not common knowledge to men. Read on to find out the top ten things women want in a man, straight from the mouths of women who tell it like it is.

#1 A man who makes us feel like a woman.

Respect is the primary thing women look for in a man. It’s also a big turn on! A man who behaves like a gentleman and treats her like a woman can make her go weak in the knees.

#2 A man who can take charge

Women adore strength, both physical and emotional. Men who can take charge in any situation give women a feeling of protection that’s both endearing and arousing.

#3 A man who can be dominated (sometimes)

Every relationship involves a power dynamic. Although women like men who are strong, he must also be able to surrender that power to her. Women do like to take control sometimes and feels sexy when a man is willing to fulfill her demands.

#4 A man with a sensitive side

Although females get turned on by men who are not afraid to show their emotions, that does not mean you should always talk about how you feel. Sensitivity is always great, but it is more important to be emotionally balanced and mature.

#5 A man who can hold his own

Although women generally like to nurture men, a man who cannot take care of himself is a big turn-off. Self-sufficiency reassures a woman that she won’t have to handle every single aspect of the relationship.

#6 A successful man

Being successful doesn’t have to mean wealth. Women like men who can support himself, who are ambitious, passionate, and driven. A successful person is also a turn on because of the confidence he exudes.

#7 A man in uniform

Sorry, but this isn’t a myth. Women love men in uniform! Policemen and soldiers are at the top of the list, but any uniform will do. If you want to spice up your sex life, consider renting a uniform and surprising her in bed with it.

# 8 A man with a great body

Physical attractiveness is a prerequisite to any relationship, and this includes having a great body. You don’t need rock-hard, six-pack abs to have a great body, but it never hurt to have a little toned muscle!

# 9 A man with a sense of humor and a brain

No matter how good-looking men are, women get turned off by humorless man-ditzes. The fastest way to a woman’s heart is to engage her intellectually or tickle her sense of humor.

#10 A man who is good with kids

Before you start panicking, this item is more about women seeing your nurturing side rather than women wanting you to be the father of their children. A man holding a baby is one of the most beautiful sights to a woman, and a little interaction with children will definitely draw you closer to her.


  1. A full social calendar— family functions, children’s birthday, vacation, Christmas, new year
  2. Good food—- esp. for those who have wives/ husbands with the talent in cooking
  3. Sex—- which is moral, legal, free and STD-free
  4. Laughs—- being comfortable with each other means sharing all kinds of humor including embarrassing ones like bathroom jokes and bedroom bloopers.
  5. Encouragement when I’m down— secondary to your mom, your wife/husband serves as your shock absorber and good ones know how to give comforting words
  6. A thousand touches that say “I love you”—– a packed lunch, a smack when you go to work, and massage nevertheless
  7. A home—– a real home with a family waiting for you, clean curtains and the smell food in the kitchen.
  8. Amazing kids—– they may give you a lot of headaches financially but it’s good to see your little self walking around your house using your necktie or high heels at age 5.
  9. Someone to be impulsive with—- do this at work and your reputation will be messed up. Do this at home and your wife/husband will just say “someone’s having a bad day.”
  10. Some one to grow old with— and believe me, as you both grow older, you fight less.

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